12 Questions

Richard Feynman, a Nobel prize-winning physicist, keeps a list of questions that he wants to find answers to at any point in time. This practice allows him to check against them whenever he learns something new, whether it be a new perspective, model or experience, and see if it leads him to a breakthrough. This list is mine.

  1. Where does meaning come from? (ref: victor frankl, stoics, narrative, olbertova, linguistics, non-duality)
  2. How do you measure your life?
  3. What is a marketer? (ref: Howard gossage, lester wunderman, seth godin, bill matassoni, pt barnum, jay conrad levinson, ry schwartz)
  4. What is a leader? (ref: everyday leader, public narrative, servant leadership, marshall ganz, covid PMs Merkel, Lawrence lim, leading with sense)
  5. What is the value and relationship of work and organizations to the individual human? (ref: tiago’s human-centered work, emergent productivity, von misses human action, market-based management, the artist’s paradigm)
  6. How do we achieve large scale organizational change? (ref: rescue agency, inquiry, david stroh, Construal level theory, public narrative, theory-u, organizational learning, OD)
  7. If there are unlimited possibilities in being human, what role does personality play in achieving our potential? (ref: speaking being, ben hardy, archetypes, mbti, alter ego, todd herman, Werner erhard)
  8. How do we make skill and talent visible so we can match them to work opportunities? (people wave, Linkedin, keyvalues)
  9. How do we create serendipidity? (carl Jung, active imagination, lucid dreaming)
  10. What is a framework for Personal Development (ref: joe Hudson, David bayer, psycho-cybernetics, stuart, brene brown, angela Duckworth)
  11. Given the social and environmental impact of social enterprises, what would be a workable model for which it’s possible for all enterprises to become social enterprises? (ref: The prosperity paradox, social impact funds, b-corps, ashoka, the opposable mind)