Date Larry?

Since I’m often perceived to not only be erudite, but erudite on the subject of bald men, I’ve frequently been asked to answer the following question:

“What is it like to date a bald guy?”

Here is my answer:

While the merits of dating a bald man is debatable, there’s no doubt such a choice reflects some level of sophistication on the partner.

Besides looking beyond what society accepts as physically desirable, dating a bald man demonstrates the courage to go against convention and to follow both one’s head and heart.

Because what time a bald man does not waste taming an unruly mop, must surely, go somewhere more deserving?

Does he have intellectual ferocity? Or an insatiable curiosity about the world? Or perhaps a fervent desire to become the best he can be?

Or perhaps he lovingly crafts sourdough bread, and at the same time envisions you and him, surrounded by kids playing with dough. Together you bake up a storm, enveloped with the aroma of freshly baked bread wafting from the oven.


Romantic notions aside, every bald man indeed has a unique personality. It’s wise for the potential date to seek opinions of those close to him.

A good bet would be to ask his mom. And someone of a different gender, maybe his sister for a more complete picture of such a rare, sometimes shiny, specimen of mankind.

(For your convenience, reviews of Larry are compiled below)

“Best son ever”
By Mom

“Always game”
By 麻辣 Buddy

“Best philosopher without a conscious philosophy”
By Anonymous colleague

“Never fails to make me think more than I want to”

By The Begrudging Sister