Speak for Change

A community leadership project born of a desire to harness the local toastmasters network to create greater positive change within local communities and beyond. It culminated in a 1-day physical event, highlighting everyday leaders within Toastmasters, celebrating acts of leadership without titles, or a microphone.

The 2nd iteration of the event, Speak for Change II was held in 2019. The event was eco-themed and organized by Mother Earth Toastmasters club. The eco-ambassadors (as they call themselves) put up a wondrous platform. What made Speak for Change II different was that the speakers weren’t all “public speaker” types, but rather run the gamut from a 13-year old student, to a father who supports his children’s passion toward becoming an environmental advocate, to a social enterprise founder promoting permaculture and urban farming

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Will The Real Marketer Please Stand Up?

Even before graduating as a computer engineer, I wanted to become a marketer.

At least, I wanted to be what I thought was a marketer.

It’s been 12 years. You’d think I’d have a firm grasp of what a marketer is.

It’s easy enough to explain marketing as a corporate function. Yet, the question begets a much larger one: Beyond serving the corporate function, what is marketing’s role in society? And further, based on what role marketing plays, who then is a marketer?

This is an ongoing project to explore our understanding of what it means to be a marketer, and in so doing, help those who decide to be one, to explore and embrace the possibilities AND responsibilities of the power they wield to create change as one.

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